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Sahera has a number of skills




She combines them strategically when working with you. With a background in engineering, she still has the mindset of an engineer and wants to to help you fix the situation fast and accurately with the tools available. All those skills are used together to take you from where you are now in your life to where you want to go as fast as possible. Working with Sahera is brief and strategic.

Clinical Hypnosis 

If the word “hypnosis" conjures up the image of a powerful magician like figure dangling a pocket watch in the face of a mesmerised subject while giving the command “sleep” then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Hypnosis is a skill in using words and gestures in a particular way to achieve a specific outcome.

Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness with an intense focus of attention. In this intense state it is possible to make long lasting and permanent change. Hypnosis is completely natural and safe and there are no harmful side effects.  The benefits are long lasting and often permanent.


Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP was developed by John Grinder and Richard Bandler in the mid 1970’s. They modelled therapists and communication experts of the time like Dr Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir and Fritz Perls. Their goal was to discover ‘excellence’ in their techniques; finding the differences that made the difference for the client. The outcome of these early studies were a series of tools and processes that enables quick and lasting resourceful change in clients.

NLP focuses upon the detail of how we communicate (externally and internally), how we process, store and recall this communication, and how we can change and empower this communication to achieve the results and goals we want.


Life Coaching 

Coaching gives people confidence and the ability to move forward in a positive manner in the areas of their life where they crave change. It is about breaking down the barriers, which prevent this change from happening and creating the ideal environment for you to be your best!



Counseling is a process that enables a person to sort out issues and reach decisions affecting their life. Often counseling is sought out at times of change or crisis, it need not be so, however, as counselling can also help us at any time of our life.

Counseling involves talking with a person in a way that helps that person solve a problem or helps to create conditions that will cause the person to understand and/or improve his behaviour, character, values or life circumstances.