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What people are saying about working with Sahera Laing


"Sahera was amazing to work with and has made giving up smoking incredibly easy and effortless.

We came to Sahera as a group of 13 people wanting to beat the habit of smoking, and proudly now call ourselves “NON smokers”

I would highly recommend Sahera."

Steven, MainPower New Zealand Limited

"I flew over from Sydney to see Sahera to stop smoking. My sister recommended her and I could have not been more pleased. I've quit (smoking) and I feel so good! What a life changer!" Mike, Sydney Australia


"Sahera is a very warm, freindly, honest. welcoming and professional person. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance to improve their life. She's amazing at what she does and her approach is so refreshing." Sarah, North Canterbury 


"I'd like to thank Sahera for firstly supporting my husband to give up smoking after being a smoker all his life pretty much. Also for releasing me from the common women's disease of 'forever focusing on food and weight'. I've wasted so much of my life yoyo dieting and never being happy with ME!  Sahera has an amazingly genuine understanding and skill to get rid of this thinking. I thank you Sahera for your beautiful way of being, way of doing and way of knowing." Wendy, Christchurch


"Sahera's approaching of ridding us of the horrid curse - Smoking, is so unique and her support open and valuable. I can honestly say, I am living the dream! My gratitude always Sahera." Craig, New Zealand 


"A lovely environment to work in, private and warm. I delightful person to work with - compassionate, considerate, fun and fast! She helps you solve problems so easily and directs you gently with such honesty. She's real good at what she does! THANK YOU SAHERA!" Lizzie, Amberley


"Sahera is a great therapist and has helped me a lot in a few sessions only. I have a lot more confidence. Hypnosis works wonder." Andrea, Christchurch


"I have been to see several hypnotists to stop smoking through the years with little success. Sahera was the first and only one to really understand my habit and to design the hypnosis for me and ONLY me. Her support has been amazing and very much appreciated. For my family and for myself - I am a NON SMOKER!" Craig, North Canterbury


“I lost the fear I had placed on me by my father. Sahera has helped me find freedom within myself.” Sarath, Taranaki

“Sahera has helped me to take control of my life, find direction and feel more confident. Thank you Sahera!” Roy, Christchurch


“My golf game has gone to a whole new level. Sahera really helped me to improve my skill and concentration and we didn’t even get to a golf course!” Peter, Christchurch


"What a wonderful therapist! She cares and she never lets you down. I can't believe how quickly we worked through things I thought were impossible. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. Want to get your life sorted, Sahera is your girl!" Kathy,  Ashburton



"I found Sahera thoughtful, insightful and really clued in. She's helped me get over things I have battled for years, and she did it in 3 sessions! Well worth coming out to see her." Jessica, Albany Auckland


“Sahera has helped me to recognise and release past patterns, helping me to focus on my strengths and to appreciate that I am GREAT! She helped me gain clarity on core issues and showed me how they no longer serve me. I am happier, healthier and more optimistic going forward. A top class therapist!” Jeff, Christchurch


"I stop over and see Sahera on my way home from Hong Kong, she makes time for me and gets right to work. It's always fun and I feel the effect long after seeing her. It's made me a better man." Guy, Hong Kong


"We have never come across anyone who works so fast. We went to see marriage counselors for months with no results, then a friend recommended Sahera and just a few sessions we are back on homeymoon and it's just feeling GREAT! Thank you Sahera for saving our marriage" Tina and Matt, Ashburton


“Sahera is fun to work with, mentally stimulating and honest. She has helped me gain control and strength I thought I had lost. I can come here and say whatever I like and she just listens and provides valuable insight. I’m not judged for feeling the way I do and she helps me move past these feeling. Amazing work!”  

Terry, Christchurch


“I was getting so anxious riding my horse, and now after working with Sahera I feel more confident and calmer and so does my horse! Our ability to compete has also been improved. Thank you.”  Joanna, Christchurch


“I have lost 12 kgs working with Sahera. I no longer feel driven to devour biscuits and chips - I’m more drawn to healthier food - without any effort! My body is slimmer, I feel more confident and she did MUCH more than help me lose weight, she changed my life and how I feel about myself.”  

Karen, Christchurch


“I am amazed at how well the hypnosis worked and will certainly tell others! I believe Sahera is a wonderful therapist and thank you so much. I am stronger and have a lot more faith in myself.”  Rachel, North Canterbury


“My life has taken on a whole new direction since working with Sahera. I have control in what I want and how I go about getting it, with a level of confidence I never knew I could have. Thank you ever so much!” 

Camille, North Canterbury


“I had the calmest birth ever! My third baby was born with none of the stress that I experienced with my last two babies. I used no pain medication and it was such a lovely event! Thank you Sahera.”  Jane, North Canterbury