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No Retirement Plan

“I can’t wait to retire, I hate my job!” these words came out of the mouth of a good friend last week.

“Then, why don’t you change jobs?” I ask.

“It pays rather well” he shrugs.

“But if you are so miserable, is it worth the money? Surely your own happiness is worth more?”

“How will I pay my bills?”

“Downsize a little, go back to basics. Simplify things to what’s really important.” He was looking at me as if I was mad!


Typically, for most of us, work is a major part of our lives. We spend a good chunk of our day at work and, occasionally, our free time thinking about work. Our careers tends to dictate the kind of lifestyle we have. It’s not uncommon to also link our identity to what we do. 


I know a lot of people who do not enjoy their jobs. They take this dissatisfaction home and spill it into all areas of their lives including their relationships.


Way back in the day, I trained as an engineer. I went to university. I had  some amazingly interesting jobs for over a decade. But it began to feel tiresome, like I was hitting my head against a brick wall on a daily basis. I started to resent my job - the one I had worked so hard to have. How could that even be possible?!

During this time I had a very keen interest in hypnosis. I found that I would fantasise having a job where I was helping people with this skill, doing research and sharing what I learnt. It took me several years to pluck up the courage to actually make the switch in professions. Gradually, over time I moved out of one career and into another that is so much more rewarding.

I love my job as a clinical hypnotist and strategic coach. It’s not even a job to me. It’s something I am deeply and obsessively passionate about. When I am not helping my clients I am learning more things to use in my work. It’s not a ‘have to’, it’s a ‘want to’ and I can’t wait to get going. 

Whatever your circumstances, you can’t change the past nor the path you took, but you can choose the path you will now take.

What job would really excite you?

It’s so much easier to re-train these days. All is takes is some bravery and a plan! It’s entirely possible.

Consider what would you love to be doing? What kind of lifestyle do you want to have? Could you survive on less money if it meant you were happier? How would this effect your life and relationships? Would you work for yourself or someone else? 

Imagine a little way into the future and you are making this happen for yourself, go on…let your imagination run wild! Capture feeling excited about your day and how that would fuel your life. List what you want to achieve and map out how you would make it happen; talk to people in that profession and get some ideas and advice. Make it your job to get the career you want.

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