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Not Sleeping Well?

Running on empty is not much fun, having not slept well for three nights I am really beginning to feel it.  

Pumped up on coffee (three cups more than I would normally have) and replacing my usually healthy lunch for half a packet of biscuits is not helping the situation.

I’m dreading bedtime because I am anxious that I may not get the sleep I desperately need.

I am certain being stressed about not sleeping (with all the caffeine and sugar)  makes the problem worse, but it is the first thing we do, is it not? It seems insane when you stop and think about it, that we expect these stimulants to help!  


All I’d like to do is curl up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and a good novel, yet I’m running around seeing to chores, working, getting updates and  news on my phone, checking emails and taking calls. 


Sleep is so important. But how much is enough and what is to too little. I believe it’s an individual thing, eight hours can seem to much at times and then sometimes I need ten hours. Right now, I’m not sure I could sleep even if I went to bed, I’m too wound up.

Sleeping on demand is like peeing on demand, erm...not so straightforward.

Maybe I need to consider this whole ‘sleep thing’ as a ‘rest thing’. I need rest - I want rest. That rest may not be in the form of sleep just yet. I know when I’m more chilled out I’ll sleep, it makes sense, yes?

When we are tired we must rest. Rest prepares us for sleep. Sleep repairs memory so we can think clearly; it restores our body for energy and health; it heals; we restore balance in our sleep (it keeps the weight off our waistline and keeps our mood in check); and lets’ face it we feel awful when we don’t get it. Everything gets thrown out of kilter. 

Taking a break can give rise to guilt especially when there is so much to be done. Maybe we need to just get over ourselves and rest guilt-free when we need it, in the same way we drink when we are thirsty. 

I ask all my clients “How do you relax?” and most say they don’t. Is it any wonder that sleep is such an issue for most people?

I am going to make more of an effort to rest over the next 48 hours so I may feel relaxed enough to sleep. No more news, no more emails, no texts, no calls and the laundry can wait. I’m going to make myself a hot chocolate, stop at the sofa, breathe, grab my book and read a chapter.

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