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Are you sending the whole message?

It’s impossible not to communicate. We are mega communication devices to give and receive information every moment of our lives. 

We all communicate in different ways and we are not all versed in all the communication styles out there. For example, men and women communicate very differently and have hugely different expectations of communication. 

We all have our style and mode for communicating. The thing is the more flexible your style the better communicator you become.


Flexibility is power when it comes to communication. 


It’s impossible not to communicate. Try it. Sit opposite someone and take turns in not communicating for 1 minutes each. IMPOSSIBLE! We are designed to send signals to others.

We communicate through everything thing we do, our words, our movements, our eyes, our lips, our body posture, our gaze, gestures, tone of voice, muscle tension, breathing even our silence.

We tend to associate communication with words. In fact I think, we are using fewer words to express our emotions than ever before. Ever read a text message? Ever had an argument by text?!!

The thing is about 94% of our communication involves no words. 94% of our communication is body language (55%) and voice tonality (39%) that leaves only 6% for words. YIKES.

So in essence, if you communicate by text a lot of the time - a text message would be conveying 6% (if you are lucky) of your fully communicated message. It’s missing 94% of what you really want to say.


If you want some power in your text-communication, send the following message:

 “I’ll tell U all about it when I next C U.”

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