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Dating beyond 40

Dating the other side of 40 is some what different to dating in your 20s. For many it can be a terrifying experience and, well let’s face it, the scene’s changed somewhat! 

It was complicated enough when we were young but now there’s speed dating, on line dating, internet chat rooms, there’s rules of engagement and the whole things seems to have become some weird circus that can be somewhat off putting.


So, how do we go about meeting the opposite sex?


How do we pluck up the courage to introduce ourselves? How do we feel confident enough to do this all over again? And where oh where do you go to meet people?

The pub/bar? Online? Church? Coffee shop?  Gym? Work? Vacation? Parks?

If this sounds like a lot of standing around hoping that a cute, age appropriate, interested single person happens upon you at one of these spots then...hmmmm...we need to talk.


Dating is not about WHERE to go to meet people. It’s about attracting people, understanding men and women, and making them want to stick around long enough to get to know one another. 


It’s not about meeting the perfect one straight off! It’s about getting to know people. Put your 20-something-head on for a moment. I would hope in your 20’s you socialized with a lot of people and mingled. You didn’t just exclusive dates but went out with friends and met other people that way. You mingled.


Potentials are everywhere, just look up and take notice.  Anywhere you go you’re likely to encounter both sexes. It’s not just about where to meet people it about being the being the best you that you can be to attract and invite who you want.

We get so caught up in being scared of others becuase we fear their judgement. “Will they like me?” “Will they want to talk yo me?” When approaching people you like, reframe the possible rejection factor from “will they like me?” to “WILL I LIKE THEM?”. This takes so much pressure off you. 

Yes you may find the physically appealing but the moment they open their mouth... If it doesn’t fit for you, do not try and squeeze it to fit. Walk away (respectfully) and try else where. 


There are 7 billion people on this planet and they don’t all hang out in pubs! Men and women are everywhere. Stop looking at your phone and look up and notice, invite and say hello to a few.


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