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Sahera Laing


Once a consultant engineer, Sahera is now a therapist here in New Zealand.  

Even as a therapist, she still has an engineer’s head and wants to get to understand the problem and the find the most effective solution possible. 

She likes to work quickly and so working with Sahera is brief and strategic. She’s not going to let you dwell on the past but  instead wants to help you move forward with what you want.  It’s about rapid results!

So if you don’t want to sit there for 20 sessions mulling over what has been but actually want to get on and do something about it, Sahera is your quality option.

Sahera runs workshops and seminars all over New Zealand, and writes for Northern Outlook, and several other NZ publications.




“Sahera took life long problem and smashed it in 3 sessions! I’m amazed with the results.”  

Andie, Christchurch


“Sahera tells it like it is, she’s always honest and open with me and I need that.”  

Mark, Amberley

“No idea how she did it, but my fear of flying has just vanished! Thanks Sahera.” 

Lynda, Christchurch

“I've never met someone quite like Sahera before, very intelligent, quick of the mark and great fun to work with.”

Hamish, Christchurch


“I work with you in the way I would want to be worked with. I want solutions and I want them fast. I don’t want to spend months digging up the past and analyzing how I feel about it. I want to get on with my life. I want to move past the problem and get on with enjoying myself. That’s what I offer my clients.”

Sahera Laing